505 TANK
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505 TANK

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  • Manufacturer: 505 GLASS
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$44.99  Large 505 Glass Tank Kit

$44.99  Small 505 Glass Tank Kit  

 $2.39  Large Stainless Laser Punched Cartomizer

$2.39  Small Stainless Laser Punched Cartomizer

The only Glass Tank in the world with Cap Joints.  All 505 Tanks have joints in the glass to allow easy installation and disassembly of the caps for cleaning and maintenance.  Perfect for people with arthritis, or who do not have a great deal of hand dexterity, or for people who enjoy a well made product.  Caps do not need major force to take on and off yet still hold well do not fall out and do not leak. 

The 505 Tank has a signature look with a flange bell curve on the tank, this is for the Cap Joint.  All machines and engines have joints when joining two parts together, to allow the oring to properly seal and seat, allowing small movement giving you the ability to take the caps on and off much more easily than any other Glass Tanks.  The Cap Joints allow movement but do not allow leaking or caps falling out, The 505 Cap Joints are unique and only available on the 505 Tank. 

To put caps on push and slightly twist, to take off pull on cap with the stainless steel Carto or pull out from carto hole, if tank and caps are cleaned regularly caps will never seize on the tank. 

The 505 Tank Joints prevent flaws such as inside diameter splits or cracks, which is common in all other glass Tanks, due to the caps being forced into the tank causing a glass failure on the molecular level resulting in a hair/line crack know as a clean break.  This type of break happens because there is not enough flex in the glass to flex around a cap and or oring (Glass Has a Low Tensile Strength), 505 Tanks Cap Joint allows the cap & oring to sit in a channel in the inside of the Tank Glass, eliminating the need for flex, or hard pressure, or massive force to put on or take off the Caps on the 505 Tank. 

Their is no such thing as indestructible anything, especially in a Glass Tanks, 505 Glass Tanks were made to be the most Superior Glass Cartomizer Tank out on the market.  This was done by using the best available glass, proper Glass Manufacturing techniques, and taking what not to do from all other glass tanks and improving on design and function from these flaws.  Making the 505 Tank the best Glass tank available to date, and 505 Glass is constantly improving on the 505 Tank making it the best current, and future Cartomizer Technology Tank. 

The Large 505 Tank fits 50mm cartomizers complete size is approximately 1 3/4in.  Comes with one Large Laser Punched Cartomizer (Flanged).  The Small 505 Tank fits Standard 40mm Cartomizers size is approximately 1 3/8in. Comes with one Small Stainless Laser Punched Cartomizer.  

Boro Glass Tank, used for all types of corrosive e-juices.  Many e-juices such as cinnamon, high citrus, some menthols, sours, and tobaccos, will erode most other tanks.  Leaching chemicals such as plastic and metal into your juice to be vaporized making it unhealthy.  Borosilicate Glass is the best solution to this problem as it is non porous and resistant to almost all corrosive and harsh chemicals. 

It is not possible for any e-juice to corrode the 505 Tank.  Popular names for Borosilicate Glass are Boro, Pyrex, Schott, Lab Glass, Gorilla Glass, etc.

Kits come with one stainless steel cartomizer and Chrome Plated Caps.

 Always use e-juice to lubricate the cartomizer when inserting into the caps.  DO NOT FORCE CAPS - *CLEAN REGULARLY*.    Glass does not have a Warranty however if any problems arise, or The Tank is not satisfactory a replacement can be available.  All glass is a hand made product and are not identical. 

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